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Research Interests

• Strongly correlated electron systems; Disordered electron systems; Low-dimensional systems; Superconductivity; Magnetism; Quantum phase transitions; Search for Broken-Time-reversal Symmetry state in novel condensed matter systems; Techniques include transport, thermodynamic, optical, magnetic, and STM.

• Precision measurements; Measurements of gravity at sub-mm length-scales; Casimir force measurements; Table-top experiments in search for axions.


  • Time reversal symmetry breaking states in 2D materials: Anomalous magnetic states and Unconventional superconductivity.
  • Torque magnetometry of gated exfoliated 2D materials
  • Thermal transport in strongly correlated bad metals 
  • Quantum metallic states with bose character in two dimensional disordered superconductors
  • The nature of the phases proximate to the superconducor-insulator transition in two dimensions
  • Photogalvanic effects in Weyl semimetals and correlated electron systems
  • "Short range gravity" and possible deviations from Newton's 1/R2 law at microns distances
  • Search for Axions in the coupling range of  109 GeV < fa < 1011 GeV as a possible solution for the strong CP problem.